20 July 2011

30 June 2011

What is the Spanish for Allez?

Unfortunately my prime TV years coincided with Fawlty Towers so I have a hard time with anyone who comes from Barcelona.

But they did beat MANUre.
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The Barca Shirt is a bit of a give away

Joel's first beer en route, his first ion the USA. He mentioned that he is the start of the Spanish invasion, look our for a lot more next year.

Interestingly he seems to have gone much faster today...... He did say he wants to catch up the group ahead.

Joel had a few problems, with his bike and infection in his fingers, both fixed in Frisco.
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Big Beers for Big Boys

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Breakfast Wednesday

The South African contingent took very little persuasion, small one each.
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No beer for the Sheila's, one way I knew they were not Australian.
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Wednesday Morning at the Depot

A couple of Sheilas, the Texan rather than Australian kind.

Reinhold, Kevin, Will, Luke and Marian, I must have left someone out...
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28 June 2011

The wonders of modern technology

I had mislaid my Camera, but a customer had his camera phone so he took this of Jon in full action and e mailed it to me.
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27 June 2011

The good news

They are staying tonight.

The bad, they want breakfast at 5.30.

Long discussions were held, with our other customers, and finally concerning the odd situation regarding Americans unwillingness to partake of an ale or two.

How can you perform at the highest level without a couple of beers afterwards?
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Mark, Simon and Greg

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Jon felt he could catch up the others

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Jackie on her way.

My gassifying wood boilers behind.
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26 June 2011

Swift departure

I mentioned Jackie had reached the top of the pass.....
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The importance of adequate rehydration

Luke and Markley
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Daniel and John, 16 oz and 12 oz. Tori was 12 oz.
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Tori heading out

Tori roade previously across Africa, the continent, just in case there is a town by that name.
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Tori with beer

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22 June 2011

Ben carried on heading for Hartsel

Ben accepted the beer with thanks.

Dejay looks like he will next be in, c lunchtime tomorrow, followed by a gaggle.
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Yorkshire Pride

Note strapping on left thigh.

If you are wondering what the bike is I think it is this one:

On One, Yorkshire's finest.

Mike at the Bar

Mike refused a beer, but being from Yorkshire was very happy to take tea. (PG Tips with Milk)
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21 June 2011

Steve was hungry

And thirsty, many tanks to La Tour Beer sponsor.

Currently leaving Breckenridge.
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